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About the Core Applications

Mar 18, 09

amoebaOS comes with over 30 applications, all created to work seamlessly with the Operating System.  These include:

  • amoebaOS Mail:  An easy to use e-mail client similar to other popular desktop mail clients available today.  It is the default e-mail client for amoebaOS.
  • System Settings:  Change any part of your customized amoebaOS desktop experience.  Change Backgrounds, Screensavers, Themes, window preferences, default applications, notification styles and more.
  • Files:  Every desktop needs a solid file browser.  amoebaOS' is called Files.  Files helps you move, copy, cut, paste, open and delete files.  Choose from multiple view modes and find the mode that suits you best.  Support is on the way for a couple of 3D file browsing modes.
  • Notes:  Notes is a fast and light word processor for amoebaOS.  It's capabilities are very well suited to most users of Microsoft's Word or Apple's Pages.
  • Surf:  Surf is a web browser inspired by Firefox and Safari.  It uses the host browser of amoebaOS to display any web page and supports extended proxy features.
  • ExstreamA fantastic and very sleek music and video player, with support for all internet audio formats.  Using the core media libraries from amoebaOS, Exstream Media Center can play all of your favorite songs, podcasts, movies and more.  Will include support for internet song harvesting, which allows you to add songs to your library from YouTube and other popular media sharing websites.
  • DesktApp:  Do you use Google Docs, Flickr, twitter or any other web applications? Now they are applications for amoebaOS, too.  Interact with web apps just like any other application using DesktApp.
  • COB Wars:  Our first foray into the multi-player First Person Shooter category, COB Wars is still undergoing heavy development.  Current support includes 3D rendering capabilities, but our graphics aren't where we'd like them.  If you would like to contribute to this project, please see our website.  COB Wars is entirely written in JavaScript and uses the DOM for object rendering (seriously!).
  • FTP Drive:  Connect to FTP servers and manipulate files.  Like any FTP client, FTP Drive allows you to completely control the remote filesystem.  Where FTP Drive differs is in it's integration with the Operating System.  You can choose to have FTP Drive keep folders in sync with file servers, so you don't waste your time uploading when you could be more productive.
  • FileDrop:  Still using files on your desktop?  Sounds old, so if you're looking to move your things to amoebaOS, open up FileDrop and start moving. 
  • Stickies:  People forget things, and that's natural - but it's not convenient.  Stickies aims to solve that problem by giving you the freedom to create and destroy virtual sticky notes on your desktop.  You can set the transparency and size of each note and move them around as you please.  Formatting options are taken from Notes.
  • For the more "technically inclined" crowd, you've probably already registered and are reading this using Surf.  We recommend checking out Developer Center, and the new amoebaOS Developer Wiki, at dev.amoebaos.org.  For themes, check out ThemeCreator

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