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Changes Around the Operating System

Jan 18, 09

It's been a long haul but the end is in sight! By "end", I mean beginning: amoebaOS is going into public beta soon.
In order to keep anyone who is following the development progress well informed, I would like to take a moment to inform you of which pieces of the Operating System have yet to be completed:
  • Updates to the File System's "Copy" and "Move" functions
  • Multi-select support for the file manager
  • Drag & drop support for the dock (for Launchers and dragging to the Trash)
  • Invisible support for mounting other File Systems like Amazon S3 and "Gmail as a File System"
The list is smaller than last week because of a large number of updates, including system-wide contextual menu support and user registration (finally!).
Keep your eyes on this blog, the forum and Twitter for many more updates and previews this week as the initial development is coming to a close.

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