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Getting Back on Track

Apr 22, 10

It's been too long since we've given an update to everyone about progress. In response to a question from , I wrote the following:

That's a difficult question to answer.

I know a lot of people have been waiting for a while to get beta accounts - it's cause for hurry around here, but the nature of an Online OS means a certain level of stability and security needs to be present before outside users can be given access.

We're looking at ways of speeding this up, it's been too long coming and the release date has to get solidified. But, we need you to understand that releasing an OS with a brand new filesystem is just not a good idea - testing must be done, and security must be in place before releasing it to even the smallest group of public beta testers.

Personally, I understand your annoyance - the two months have been unusual. When we ripped the filesystem API apart, the OS could no longer boot (can't load configurations, etc). As the API is put back together, everything needs to be examined, but until all the methods are in place, the apps can't be updated to hit the new API - since even the core apps run directly off of the amoebaOS virtual filesystem, our IDE needs to be updated first, in this case by hand.

When I say we are looking at speeding the process up, there is a way to get this done sooner, albeit ugly. We're looking at writing an intermediary layer between the new API and the OS that will translate all calls from the old API methods and parameters to the new ones. It's a simple layer, but there is a lot of custom code that needs writing to make it work properly.

Trust me, we're all in the same boat here. Just stick around for updates.

More news to come.

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