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Rethinking Scroll Bars

May 30, 09

Scroll bars are simple and important components we all interact with constantly. The standard scroll bar paradigm is widely accepted, which means it remains relatively unchanged throughout the evolution of Operating Systems. I would like to take a moment to show you what's different about scroll bars in amoebaOS.

As you can see from the quick video, the bars are modal. This means they only show up when you need them, which keeps your screen free from clutter and distraction. This theme re-occurs a lot throughout amoebaOS. For those who cannot watch the video, here are a couple of captured images to help you get the idea:

amoebaOS Scroll Bars - Both Revealed

amoebaOS Scroll Bars - Vertical Scrolling

amoebaOS Scroll Bars - Horizontal Scrolling

amoebaOS Scroll Bars - Vertical Scrolling With Overlay

amoebaOS Scroll Bars - Not in Use

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Chris (funstuff234)#
This looks cool! Makes things a lot more productive.
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