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Time for an amoebaOS Blog

Dec 6, 08

I have decided to start a blog about amoebaOS while it nears release status. I'm polishing some of the applications so they are more intuitive for people coming from the big three Operating Systems - adding and mapping new shortcut keys, etc. Also, I've been heavily investing my time into the amoebaOS.org website, even if it looks the same as it has for the past couple of weeks. It's running the newest version of my Content Management System, and I wanted to make sure the site will be able to handle the traffic generated when amoebaOS is released (the original release date set for October 31st saw 10 times more traffic than any other day). I'm also toying with the social potential of amoebaOS.org, because the CMS comes with a forum and comments system, which would provide some bidirectional communication and a great way for new users to provide their feedback outside of email and the IRC channel.

Other than those few things, I did make some big changes to the window manager and dock. The windows are much more responsive to moving and resizing now, thanks to a complex system of delays and cancels I had been working on separate from amoebaOS for a while. The dock got a plug-ins API and some initial plug-ins, including icon reflections and tools for interacting with amoebaOS applications.

As for today and tomorrow, I will be returning to my work on the OS again, adding a new minimize effect for windows (resembling the Genie effect). There are a few updates coming down the pipe for amoebaOS Mail, which has a few issues related to sending mail. I plan to add increased support for user settings, which Mail currently lacks. Because settings are stored across sessions, it will then be possible to have a mail daemon that runs in the background after initializing on start up - which means new mail alerts and a nice unread mail count in the dock.

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good site
Feel free to ask any questions you have in the forum :)
I am testing web OSes and really would like to test the amoebaOS. Can I have a beta test code pls.
@tchurro: Please register at the forums and introduce yourself. We need to know who our beta testers are.
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