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We've Changed Our Logo!

Apr 1, 11

We've decided to take a different direction with the amoebaOS brand. Here's a sneak peek of our new logo:

New Slogan / Tagline:

amoebaOS is an online Operating System that gives you salmon-like powers using the cloud.  We call it the salmon-cloud. With this newfound power, our beta testers are capable of amazing salmon-ey stuff:  

editing pictures (like a salmon!)
listening to music (like a salmon!)
creating apps (very much like a salmon!)

As you can see, it's a pretty great fit, since amoebaOS was already very closely related to the salmon.

Let us know what you think in the comments!

About :

Detective Spooge#
You are a salmon and im like a bear.
Lol April Fools =P
I see what you did there detective... :P
Obviosly april fools =P#
SOOOO April fools kewl tho and why has 'the wait almost been over' for like 1 year? And slide to submit iss too iphoney.
The wait is technically over, that's true. Our homepage is pretty slack.

While "Slide to Submit" is probably too iPhone-like, it's actually extremely effective in eliminating automated comment spam.
The wait actually isn't over, but I remember seeing that in 2009, all the way back then when the boot screen was black not gray!
It's over in that I've started giving codes to most people who ask, as long as they are nice. :)
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