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amoebaOS on the BlackBerry PlayBook

Apr 6, 11

This is an exciting time in the mobile space, and it's great to see new devices enter the market with such excellent support for web standards.  There were only a few minor glitches to work out before the full desktop version of amoebaOS was running perfectly on the new BlackBerry PlayBook!  Running a desktop-like OS on a table might seem weird, but we've had a lot of requests for that exact setup (similarly with ChromeOS, too).  Perhaps the way of the future is to buy a web-enabled device that provides extremely simple productivity functions, and then use an online OS like amoebaOS to gain access to desktop-like functionality only when you need it.

Is there a device or OS you want to use amoebaOS on that we don't currently support? Let us know, and we'll do our best to get amoebaOS running on it.

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