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Free Accounts

Why Give Them Away?

Mar 10, 09

We've always been big on free stuff.  Instead of charging users for their account on amoebaOS, we allow developers to create applications that cost money to purchase.  This makes the experience of software on amoebaOS even more similar to desktop software.  We trust that most users will wish to upgrade their accounts to "Pro" accounts once they see how much amoebaOS has to offer.  The cost of Pro accounts is minimal, and essentially covers cost of the added storage space (3GB).

How do I Sign Up?

Sep 22, 08

To sign up for a free account on amoebaOS, just load the Operating System and click "Create an Account" when the Login screen appears.  Free accounts require very little information to create, because nobody enjoys filling out long forms just to try a cool product out.

The form will send you an email, but you will still be able to log in to the new account without checking your mail. Once you follow the confirmation link you will be granted a free 200mb of storage.  We allow free accounts to become active without email confirmation because we would encourage you to set up your email with amoebaOS Mail as quickly as possible.  It's easy to set up and works with more email providers than you would imagine (we're getting ready to roll out Hotmail support!).  Once you have set up Mail, you can then easily click the confirmation link, and confirm your free account using Surf (amoebaOS' default web browser).