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Welcome to the amoebaOS CommunityStarted: 3:51pm, Dec 1, 2008 by
amoebaOS is an Online Operating System for everyone. Flexible and portable, amoebaOS runs on most internet-ready devices.
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QuestionsStarted: 4:04pm, Jan 9, 2009 by
Ask your amoebaOS questions here.
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Feature RequestsStarted: 4:15pm, Jan 9, 2009 by
Request a feature here, or visit our Get Satisfaction
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Preview/ScreenshotsStarted: 4:28pm, Jan 9, 2009 by
They come here first, then you might find them in the gallery.
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Off TopicStarted: 4:21pm, Jul 6, 2010 by
Things that have nothing to do with amoebaOS (or at least very little).
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Wallpaper SubmissionsStarted: 3:47pm, Jul 8, 2010 by
Post a link to your wallpaper design here, and it might get picked to be the default amoebaOS wallpaper for a while!
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OS Updates & New FeaturesStarted: 11:21am, Jul 15, 2010 by
When things get changed, we'll let you know here.
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DevelopmentStarted: 9:32pm, Oct 19, 2010 by
Information on how to develop apps for amoebaOS.
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Bugs, Bug SquashingStarted: 11:48am, Jul 20, 2010 by
Report them if you see them.
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FeedbackStarted: 4:17pm, Jan 9, 2009 by
Feedback for amoebaOS as well as the amoebaOS.org site.
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