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Ok people stop nagging. There are two ways to get beta account. ONE: T(...)123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930313233
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Farewell.Started: 10:41pm, Dec 29, 2011 by funstuff234
Well, if you haven't noticed, amoebaOS is locked. No new registrations(...)
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Please read the Farewell thread found at http://amoebaos.org/forum/#ur(...)
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If you are requesting a beta account please do not post your e-mail ad(...)
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Hello Again!Started: 7:49pm, Apr 21, 2011 by willnoit
I haven't really been on the forum in a long time, and then I encounte(...)
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Beta Invite through emailStarted: 2:36pm, Sep 6, 2009 by jonathanp55
I heard that there will be invites for people who post on the forms fi(...)123
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Hello thereStarted: 5:21pm, May 15, 2011 by darkliahos
Just thought I would say Hi, I am a graduate who is currently a freela(...)
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Forum newbieStarted: 5:28am, Feb 4, 2011 by johaswe
Hi all! Name is Johaswe, or atleast my nick. Doing Joomla/Php customi(...)
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Hi im newStarted: 2:50pm, Feb 11, 2010 by funstuff234
i found this web os looks better than anything else i have tried could(...)12
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tommy johnsonStarted: 1:37pm, May 22, 2011 by tommylee0407
hi my names is Tommy Johnson and i have worked in many places as a so(...)
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Welcome ThreadStarted: 10:54am, Jun 11, 2011 by Compgeke
Well, since beta codes aren't needed anymore I figured that I would cr(...)
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No beta codes are needed!Started: 5:51pm, Jun 8, 2011 by Compgeke
amoebaOS has entered Public Beta and you no longer need a code. Just r(...)
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How do I get a free account code?Started: 5:18am, Apr 4, 2011 by dinkarchary
Hi, How do I register for a code for a free account?(...)12
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Hi! I'm noname!Started: 10:08pm, Jul 19, 2010 by tonynoname
Welcome! My name is tony, but I prefer noname. I don't like it when pe(...)12
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Hello there.Started: 7:54am, Mar 29, 2011 by Phrost_King
Hi my name is Justin and I am a computer science major, and i came acr(...)
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An introductionStarted: 9:26am, Jan 24, 2011 by psema4
Hi all. My name's Scott and I just discovered amoebaOS - probably the(...)123
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I want to be an Amoeba OS TesterStarted: 4:48am, Apr 25, 2011 by lxkaka
Hi , guys! I am a test engineer in an antivirus company in China . Th(...)
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Interested in trying this out.Started: 10:36am, Apr 14, 2011 by jdavis_amoeba1
Hello. I've been with iCloud for several years, but I don't use it muc(...)
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New Amoeba OS TesterStarted: 12:32am, Apr 7, 2011 by mohan.85in
Hi Guys,I work in java technology and i use salesforce.com and know so(...)
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Sites FoldersStarted: 10:34pm, Feb 16, 2011 by willnoit
For the people who host their programs in their sites folders:Has anyo(...)123
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Boot into OS Started: 10:04am, Oct 16, 2010 by tomcatjosh
Hey guys! I was thinking.. Some users want to have one OS like Amoeba (...)1234
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Synchronization problem's solved?Started: 10:26am, Mar 8, 2011 by kokoteko
Hi Amoeba team, I'm student of computer engineering (computer science (...)
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Beta InviteStarted: 5:56pm, Jun 1, 2009 by spellinator
What is necessary to get a beta authorization?(...)123456789
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WOWStarted: 10:39am, Feb 13, 2011 by willnoit
It looks like a ton of stuff has happened since I was last here. Snaz(...)123
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Hi all.I just wanted to say I'm really excited to start testing / help(...)
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Hi AmoebaOS team!Started: 10:06am, Aug 17, 2010 by shadowslash
I'm Shedo Chung-Hee Surashu but my nickname is shadowslash. I preferre(...)12
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OpeningStarted: 8:34pm, Jan 8, 2009 by matblackexa
Hey there. I'm still waiting for the opening. Cant wait to use it(...)1234
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Moderator?Started: 2:53pm, Jul 14, 2010 by deshie43
How do you become a moderator?(...)12345
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basicsStarted: 4:40am, Aug 6, 2010 by patrick6376
hey, just stumbled upon this project on accident and i'm supremely int(...)
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Server locationStarted: 9:40pm, Aug 4, 2010 by jadon94
I'm just wondering where the servers are located and what kind of powe(...)
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Reseving beta'sStarted: 2:46pm, Apr 29, 2009 by marioxxx
Can beta testing be reserved, because I heard there are limited public(...)12
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Avatar Pictures Fixed!Started: 11:34pm, Jul 6, 2010 by kylebachand
Hello everyone at amoebaOS! As it turns out, the avatar pictures have(...)
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