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POLL: Your App Suggestions!Started: 4:32pm, Aug 2, 2011 by admin
We need a better repository of suggestions for new apps. Please do no(...)12
17 postsLast Post: 3:58pm, Thursday December 8, 2011 by
about browserStarted: 12:32am, Jan 13, 2012 by catTeacher
in amoebaOs is there a browser?or i must use myself.i want use a remot(...)
1 postLast Post: 12:32am, Friday January 13, 2012 by
what you think of contacts?Started: 8:47am, Dec 8, 2011 by alli232343
what do you think of becoming a contacts app from where you add new us(...)
2 postsLast Post: 3:58pm, Thursday December 8, 2011 by
Private Community FoldersStarted: 2:10pm, Apr 11, 2011 by tonynoname
Right now we have Community folders where you can share files with any(...)
8 postsLast Post: 2:42pm, Friday September 16, 2011 by
Re-sizable WindowsStarted: 5:20pm, Sep 15, 2011 by Krahazik
Here is a feature I think has been overlooked. The ability to re-size (...)
3 postsLast Post: 11:40pm, Thursday September 15, 2011 by
amoebaOS menubar redesignStarted: 9:20am, Sep 3, 2011 by link6155
So far, amoebaOS has been great to use. The only thing that didn't see(...)
4 postsLast Post: 6:10pm, Wednesday September 14, 2011 by
Beta CodesStarted: 1:53am, Jul 1, 2011 by Compgeke
Ever since public beta the forum has been dead! For this reason I want(...)
7 postsLast Post: 11:29am, Sunday July 3, 2011 by
AmoebaOS Premium?Started: 12:50am, Jun 23, 2011 by tonynoname
CLICK HERE FOR THE CHART!!!It was talked about in chat that people who(...)
5 postsLast Post: 10:07pm, Saturday June 25, 2011 by
Disable the community folderStarted: 2:18am, Jun 20, 2011 by Compgeke
I think that for the time being the ability to view the directory of t(...)
2 postsLast Post: 3:54pm, Friday June 24, 2011 by
Downloadable OSStarted: 3:05pm, Jul 14, 2010 by deshie43
Is it possible to make a downloadable amoebaOS?(...)123
26 postsLast Post: 7:20pm, Thursday June 16, 2011 by
Temporary AccountStarted: 1:56am, May 19, 2011 by Compgeke
I was thinking that not really a temporary account but a way for new u(...)
5 postsLast Post: 8:16pm, Thursday May 19, 2011 by
How can I?Started: 11:03pm, Apr 24, 2011 by dhmyess
How can I get to test this Web OS if I don't have beta code.. so pleas(...)12
11 postsLast Post: 4:08am, Wednesday May 18, 2011 by
Firefox AddonStarted: 6:58am, May 14, 2011 by trainhappy
I'm not sure it there is already a firefox addon, but, it would be co(...)
4 postsLast Post: 11:29pm, Sunday May 15, 2011 by
Meebo AppStarted: 6:06pm, May 13, 2011 by trainhappy
Maybe it would be cool if we did a meebo app for quick access to meebo(...)
5 postsLast Post: 8:31pm, Sunday May 15, 2011 by
Beta Test sectionStarted: 9:02pm, Sep 4, 2010 by willnoit
I know that there's a moderator section, and I think there should be a(...)12345
48 postsLast Post: 9:39pm, Thursday May 12, 2011 by
I'd like to know if this is an opensource project and if it will be po(...)
2 postsLast Post: 11:51am, Wednesday April 27, 2011 by
Initial HelpStarted: 12:03pm, Apr 11, 2011 by mohan.85in
Like the windows initial tour... First login should give some help wit(...)
3 postsLast Post: 9:29pm, Monday April 11, 2011 by
App Store/RepositoriesStarted: 3:47pm, Feb 13, 2011 by willnoit
I know the AmoebaApp store will be coming soon, but when it does, it m(...)12345678
73 postsLast Post: 7:33pm, Monday April 4, 2011 by
Photo EditorStarted: 8:02pm, Feb 14, 2011 by shifat96
Another Webapp that I know/found.Picnikhttp://www.picnik.com/app(...)1234567
65 postsLast Post: 1:43pm, Wednesday March 30, 2011 by
RSS feed for the forumStarted: 3:33pm, Mar 27, 2011 by Compgeke
This is an odd one but it may be helpful for those of us who check in (...)
3 postsLast Post: 11:22pm, Monday March 28, 2011 by
Personal Computer OSStarted: 6:36pm, Feb 14, 2011 by Geoffnikl
I'm curious if it would be possible to create a version of amoebaOS ve(...)1234
31 postsLast Post: 9:57pm, Tuesday March 8, 2011 by
HTML EditorStarted: 3:51pm, Feb 11, 2011 by shifat96
Here is a free HTML Editor that I found while browsing.(...)12345
43 postsLast Post: 9:06pm, Sunday March 6, 2011 by
WidgetsStarted: 11:55am, Feb 13, 2011 by willnoit
I know that AmoebaOS is very simple on the desktop, and no icons can b(...)1234
33 postsLast Post: 6:05pm, Saturday February 26, 2011 by
AmoebaOS AppsStarted: 11:23am, Feb 13, 2011 by willnoit
Just an idea, but wouldn't it be cool if AmoebaOS had an App store, li(...)123
23 postsLast Post: 8:38pm, Wednesday February 23, 2011 by
A bunch of random ideasStarted: 5:26pm, Feb 13, 2011 by willnoit
It would be nice to have a feature that would allow you to drag & (...)123
25 postsLast Post: 10:34pm, Monday February 21, 2011 by
Functionality on account-editingStarted: 3:10pm, Feb 19, 2011 by willnoit
I know that there is an icon in the System Preferences panel that says(...)
6 postsLast Post: 10:33pm, Monday February 21, 2011 by
Google DocsStarted: 2:24pm, Feb 13, 2011 by willnoit
I use Google Docs for most of my docs, and it is great. I usually use(...)12
13 postsLast Post: 10:46am, Sunday February 20, 2011 by
Window ManagementStarted: 11:34am, Feb 13, 2011 by willnoit
As I've recently noticed, when you minimize something, it's icon goes (...)123
28 postsLast Post: 10:45am, Sunday February 20, 2011 by
amoebaOS App?Started: 4:05pm, Nov 25, 2010 by jesse8894
Is it possable to get it as a Android App and iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad A(...)1234567891011
103 postsLast Post: 10:42am, Sunday February 20, 2011 by
text editor upgradesStarted: 7:21pm, Feb 7, 2011 by jadon94
suggestions to add to the text editor(...)1234
34 postsLast Post: 9:17am, Saturday February 19, 2011 by
Taushif-CodeStarted: 7:09pm, Feb 17, 2011 by shifat96
Well, a bit off topic but this is a code language that i made over the(...)
3 postsLast Post: 9:16am, Saturday February 19, 2011 by
Bookmark type feat for surfStarted: 8:50am, Feb 6, 2011 by rid
I love surf its just it would be great to have something like bookmark(...)
8 postsLast Post: 5:57pm, Tuesday February 8, 2011 by
Flash player enabled browserStarted: 5:07pm, Dec 12, 2010 by Jordan333
If you could make the browser flash player enabled without actually ha(...)123
22 postsLast Post: 6:29pm, Monday December 20, 2010 by
About this forum...Started: 7:16am, Dec 12, 2010 by Jordan333
I dont really like the design of this forum to be quite honest. It doe(...)
2 postsLast Post: 3:44pm, Sunday December 12, 2010 by
AmoebaOS and iphone (ipod touch)Started: 10:40am, May 26, 2009 by jonathanp55
It will be great if you could use a verson on your iphone and get to a(...)12
15 postsLast Post: 7:47pm, Sunday November 21, 2010 by
telnet, ssh, ftpStarted: 6:28am, Nov 4, 2010 by sycamoreent
hey, it would be nice if you could access ur files from the command li(...)12
12 postsLast Post: 4:16pm, Saturday November 13, 2010 by
developer changesStarted: 6:25am, Nov 4, 2010 by sycamoreent
Hello,I have had some ideas about the developer app.At the moment, the(...)
6 postsLast Post: 1:04pm, Monday November 8, 2010 by
PASTE & COPYStarted: 1:10pm, Oct 22, 2010 by tastaturpilot
I am excited about the tons of new applications & possibillities y(...)12
18 postsLast Post: 8:04am, Tuesday October 26, 2010 by
TerminalStarted: 7:25pm, Oct 15, 2010 by james0vince
I don't know if there is a terminal yet as I am a n00b and still waiti(...)1234567
66 postsLast Post: 9:22pm, Sunday October 24, 2010 by
Social MediaStarted: 10:42am, Oct 17, 2010 by scornguitar
I Feel like any respected new cloud os should have social media featur(...)1234
33 postsLast Post: 9:18pm, Tuesday October 19, 2010 by
I found a secret/beta app...Started: 11:57pm, Sep 18, 2010 by tonynoname
I found a cellnotes/files beta app inside the os, but it isn't complet(...)
3 postsLast Post: 1:24pm, Sunday September 19, 2010 by
Google WaveStarted: 7:17am, Aug 21, 2010 by deshie43
I've been using google wave for a few months know I'm interested to se(...)1234
38 postsLast Post: 8:17pm, Tuesday August 31, 2010 by
OpenofficeStarted: 9:55am, Jul 16, 2010 by ihack
I was wondering if it would be possible to use Openoffice's software f(...)12
18 postsLast Post: 6:28pm, Tuesday August 24, 2010 by
PreziStarted: 11:17pm, Aug 19, 2010 by willnoit
I came across this interesting presentation tool while surfin the net.(...)
5 postsLast Post: 7:10am, Saturday August 21, 2010 by
Forum Feature - Request (again)Started: 12:30am, Aug 18, 2010 by shadowslash
Would it be possible to include YouTube videos in our forum posts? Kin(...)12
18 postsLast Post: 11:01am, Wednesday August 18, 2010 by
Forum Feature - RequestStarted: 10:53pm, Aug 17, 2010 by shadowslash
Ummm please don't flame me if this has already been requested but can (...)
2 postsLast Post: 11:04pm, Tuesday August 17, 2010 by
AmbulanceStarted: 10:24pm, Aug 13, 2010 by willnoit
Just an idea, but I think it would be cool if the ambulance's lights l(...)123
26 postsLast Post: 11:13pm, Saturday August 14, 2010 by
Window animationStarted: 8:22pm, Jul 20, 2010 by tonynoname
When you minimize or maximize a window there is a fade animation, I th(...)123456
56 postsLast Post: 9:06pm, Wednesday August 11, 2010 by
fourum-requestStarted: 4:27pm, Aug 4, 2010 by jadon94
a good idea would be to add a feature where you can browse by threads (...)
6 postsLast Post: 7:41pm, Sunday August 8, 2010 by
Connection diagnosticStarted: 9:35pm, Aug 4, 2010 by jadon94
A needed diagnostic utility is an app to test ping (latency)jitter (ma(...)
10 postsLast Post: 10:02pm, Wednesday August 4, 2010 by
I made a windows 7 taskbar!Started: 12:19am, Jul 22, 2010 by tonynoname
http://img138.imageshack.us/img138/4975/windowss.jpgto make yours exac(...)12
14 postsLast Post: 11:25am, Monday July 26, 2010 by
If the cloud operating system itself and the forum were combined, it w(...)
7 postsLast Post: 12:35pm, Tuesday July 20, 2010 by
MspotStarted: 11:43am, Jul 7, 2010 by funstuff234
mspot.comIt's a service i use to sync my Itunes library with the cloud(...)123
24 postsLast Post: 6:17pm, Tuesday July 13, 2010 by
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