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Submission Guidlines (Read First)Started: 3:49pm, Jul 8, 2010 by admin
Follow these guidelines to make sure your wallpaper submission can be (...)
1 postLast Post: 3:49pm, Thursday July 8, 2010 by
iMAC BackgroundStarted: 1:33pm, Dec 30, 2011 by nickiman3
7 postsLast Post: 9:50am, Wednesday May 22, 2013 by
Well, it's San Francisco.(...)
2 postsLast Post: 3:54pm, Monday July 11, 2011 by
A couple of new backgrounds of natureStarted: 11:07pm, May 13, 2011 by Compgeke
Here's the first one:and the second one:(...)
2 postsLast Post: 11:51am, Saturday May 14, 2011 by
Awesome New Background!Started: 7:52pm, Apr 11, 2011 by Compgeke
Here it is, the best background yet!http://img29.imageshack.us/img29/7(...)12
16 postsLast Post: 5:12pm, Saturday April 23, 2011 by
Flower BackgroundStarted: 12:08am, Jan 30, 2011 by Compgeke
A picture I took while learning macro photography. This was taken in N(...)1234
37 postsLast Post: 2:56pm, Monday April 18, 2011 by
Blue BackgroundsStarted: 7:21pm, Feb 6, 2011 by shifat96
Here will be some blue backgrounds.(...)12345
48 postsLast Post: 4:26pm, Friday March 11, 2011 by
Wallpaper Category: BlackStarted: 11:19am, Feb 9, 2011 by Fiercy_Bean
Here are a pack of Black Wallpapers that i have. I wish u like them h(...)12345
45 postsLast Post: 9:23pm, Tuesday March 1, 2011 by
amoeba everywhere backgroundStarted: 7:03am, Oct 8, 2010 by lhn555
Do you like it?[imghttp://i55.tinypic.com/2m5z8kz.png][/img](...)
2 postsLast Post: 8:51am, Friday October 8, 2010 by
Here are the wallpapers.Sorry I was a little late, I didn't see this f(...)
9 postsLast Post: 12:01am, Thursday August 12, 2010 by
Wallpaper Category : LandscapesStarted: 5:00pm, Jul 25, 2010 by marc
I've uploaded a bunch of landscapes here too now:http://picasaweb.goog(...)
6 postsLast Post: 7:52pm, Tuesday August 3, 2010 by
Wallpaper Category : AbstractStarted: 4:04pm, Jul 22, 2010 by marc
A collection of abstract wallpapers for amoebaOS... Feel free to add (...)
7 postsLast Post: 4:24pm, Sunday July 25, 2010 by
Amoeba CollectionStarted: 6:41pm, Jul 8, 2010 by uhlo
HiHere are a couple of backgrounds for AmoebaOS. They're all the same (...)1234
35 postsLast Post: 11:17am, Tuesday July 20, 2010 by
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