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POLL: What App do You Want Next?Started: 3:01pm, Jul 26, 2010 by admin
What app do you want to see next for amoebaOS? Vote by posting a descr(...)1234567891011121314151617
166 postsLast Post: 1:38pm, Friday June 3, 2011 by
Multiple File Upload Arrives!Started: 12:15am, Oct 11, 2011 by admin
It's simple, but it's a lot less annoying than uploading 80 files indi(...)12
11 postsLast Post: 9:01pm, Wednesday October 26, 2011 by
Finally, amoebaos has a startup sound tool! :alien: Easy install: /Com(...)12
16 postsLast Post: 5:44am, Tuesday October 11, 2011 by
Mail.app 1.5Started: 1:29am, Jun 26, 2011 by admin
Well, it's finally fixed! I know tony and some others have been using(...)
8 postsLast Post: 9:39pm, Sunday July 3, 2011 by
Not to jump the gun or anything...Started: 5:16pm, May 24, 2011 by ihack
...but it appears amoebaOS is finally out of private beta!(...)
9 postsLast Post: 2:48pm, Friday June 17, 2011 by
Game Center 2.0Started: 12:58am, Jun 1, 2011 by admin
I've pushed Game Center 2.0 into everyone's Applications/Games folder (...)
3 postsLast Post: 2:31pm, Friday June 17, 2011 by
Downtime 6/16/2011Started: 5:51pm, Jun 16, 2011 by funstuff234
amoebaOS is facing unexpected downtime today (6/16/2011) due to some m(...)
8 postsLast Post: 2:06pm, Friday June 17, 2011 by
Notes.app Is WorkingStarted: 1:49am, Jun 1, 2011 by admin
It's finally working! It only took an hour to fix, should have done th(...)
5 postsLast Post: 8:12pm, Wednesday June 1, 2011 by
Massive UpdatesStarted: 2:15am, Apr 17, 2011 by admin
Ha-ha! Finally some serious updates for you guys.(...)12
19 postsLast Post: 9:21pm, Sunday May 8, 2011 by
Exstream 2 and Music-as-a-ServiceStarted: 8:11pm, May 4, 2011 by admin
What are your thoughts on the various music services out there, and wo(...)12
13 postsLast Post: 5:16pm, Saturday May 7, 2011 by
Amoebaos App Center finally released!Started: 2:26am, Apr 9, 2011 by tonynoname
I finally finished the app center this morning, It's almost 3:30 am ri(...)12
14 postsLast Post: 7:53pm, Monday May 2, 2011 by
Many, Many Bug FixesStarted: 2:50am, Apr 12, 2011 by admin
Yes, things are finally getting fixed! InterfaceLift wallpapers are b(...)
3 postsLast Post: 8:27am, Monday April 25, 2011 by
Password Protected Folders for SitesStarted: 3:27am, Apr 23, 2011 by admin
It's here! You can now password-protect stuff in Sites folders.(...)
8 postsLast Post: 8:06am, Monday April 25, 2011 by
Pixlr is FixedStarted: 9:48am, Jan 14, 2011 by admin
I contacted the Pixlr dev via Twitter, and it looks like the error was(...)1234
39 postsLast Post: 12:58am, Wednesday March 16, 2011 by
Tweaks, Security Updates and FixesStarted: 12:20am, Feb 14, 2011 by admin
I've just finished rolling out a (painful) update that brings some nic(...)123
28 postsLast Post: 9:22pm, Friday March 11, 2011 by
amoebaOS On AIRStarted: 12:51pm, Aug 16, 2010 by funstuff234
Well I created an app the runs amoebaOS in adobe air with a custom Win(...)12345
42 postsLast Post: 1:27pm, Wednesday February 16, 2011 by
AmoebaOS.org isn't ugly anymore!Started: 2:02pm, Jan 23, 2011 by ihack
It appears jason finally updated the layout (...)1234567
67 postsLast Post: 2:15pm, Monday February 7, 2011 by
New App: Bug TrackerStarted: 2:45am, Jan 25, 2011 by admin
I finished writing this little helper application today. It's my firs(...)
7 postsLast Post: 2:44pm, Thursday January 27, 2011 by
Intranet ExploderStarted: 12:11am, Oct 28, 2010 by tonynoname
This is a new browser. It has bookmarks, fullscreen, homepage, new win(...)1234
33 postsLast Post: 8:31pm, Thursday November 18, 2010 by
Widgeted OverlayStarted: 2:33am, Oct 20, 2010 by admin
Widgeted has a new overlay mode, and it's already the default.(...)1234
31 postsLast Post: 7:59pm, Tuesday October 26, 2010 by
Plasmid ScreenSaver DemoStarted: 12:58am, Oct 20, 2010 by admin
A working demo of how to implement a ScreenSaver before we get a prope(...)1234
38 postsLast Post: 8:11am, Tuesday October 26, 2010 by
Sticky Notes Desk AppStarted: 11:20am, Oct 15, 2010 by tonynoname
It's not an app yet, but I installed a working sticky note thing that (...)123
26 postsLast Post: 6:27pm, Wednesday October 20, 2010 by
Favicons for amoebaOS and This SiteStarted: 9:53am, Oct 13, 2010 by admin
I have no idea why these took so long to put up. Now the two sites hav(...)1234
35 postsLast Post: 5:37pm, Tuesday October 19, 2010 by
Community Shared Folders Live!Started: 4:15am, Oct 15, 2010 by admin
Guess what? We can finally share files instantly!(...)12
16 postsLast Post: 6:11pm, Sunday October 17, 2010 by
Zip Support is Finally Here!Started: 4:45am, Sep 16, 2010 by admin
Huzzah! Zip and unzip files lightning fast in amoebaOS.(...)1234567891011121314
132 postsLast Post: 8:34am, Sunday October 17, 2010 by
Inside the OS Chat appStarted: 3:38am, Oct 3, 2010 by tonynoname
I edited the gamecenter to have a chat app because I couldn't get desk(...)123456
52 postsLast Post: 11:16am, Monday October 11, 2010 by
Animated background!Started: 11:45pm, Sep 14, 2010 by tonynoname
For a background in this, all admin would have to do, is paste Code: (...)123456
60 postsLast Post: 5:52pm, Tuesday October 5, 2010 by
"Open With..." Finally WorksStarted: 9:35pm, Sep 23, 2010 by admin
Simple, but it was annoying me.(...)12
14 postsLast Post: 3:36pm, Monday September 27, 2010 by
Game CenterStarted: 10:37pm, Sep 3, 2010 by tonynoname
This is a place, where you have a bunch of games at your control, whil(...)12345
50 postsLast Post: 2:26am, Sunday September 26, 2010 by
Performance Improvements for WallpapersStarted: 4:55am, Sep 16, 2010 by admin
Wallpapers should transition smoothly now, including when you are work(...)12345
42 postsLast Post: 4:26pm, Friday September 24, 2010 by
Youtube DesktopStarted: 10:11pm, Sep 21, 2010 by admin
Let's make this a reality.(...)123
24 postsLast Post: 10:20pm, Wednesday September 22, 2010 by
Translations...Started: 11:27am, Aug 1, 2010 by tastaturpilot
If someone please would be so keen to write a "Select language&qu(...)12345
48 postsLast Post: 11:07pm, Thursday September 2, 2010 by
Team Viewer AppStarted: 12:22pm, Sep 1, 2010 by tastaturpilot
Here's the Team View App. You need to be registered at the Team View H(...)12
12 postsLast Post: 11:59am, Thursday September 2, 2010 by
The Sites folder now worksStarted: 5:43pm, Aug 3, 2010 by admin
Put files into your "Sites" folder (/Home/Sites/), and they (...)123456789101112
120 postsLast Post: 11:58am, Thursday September 2, 2010 by
Window Themes and Background Intervals SavedStarted: 3:02am, Aug 13, 2010 by admin
Yup, they are finally being saved and restored when you log in. The ba(...)1234
31 postsLast Post: 11:06pm, Saturday August 14, 2010 by
Developer Center UpdateStarted: 5:03am, Aug 1, 2010 by admin
Developer Center now has preferences, and a dialog for changing them. (...)12
13 postsLast Post: 3:07am, Friday August 13, 2010 by
amoeba-2.0 ThemeStarted: 5:39pm, Aug 12, 2010 by admin
There is a new theme available from System Preferences -> Windows.(...)12
19 postsLast Post: 1:25am, Friday August 13, 2010 by
The Dock has been UpdatedStarted: 7:12pm, Jul 16, 2010 by admin
The dock should now be much, much faster - especially on low powered d(...)123456
57 postsLast Post: 7:01pm, Sunday August 8, 2010 by
Shut Down added, Updated Boot ScreenStarted: 10:51am, Jul 23, 2010 by admin
The "Shut Down" menu item works now. Also, the boot screen h(...)
10 postsLast Post: 8:26pm, Thursday July 29, 2010 by
Developer Center: Test View FixedStarted: 9:19pm, Jul 19, 2010 by admin
It's fixed up and ready to go. (...)
2 postsLast Post: 9:45am, Wednesday July 21, 2010 by
Icons, Wallpapers and Pixlr are now fixedStarted: 5:21pm, Jul 15, 2010 by admin
This is the first major update based on feedback from the Beta!* Icon (...)
6 postsLast Post: 3:14pm, Friday July 16, 2010 by
* The AltGr key should now work - your host Operating System has been (...)
1 postLast Post: 1:01pm, Friday July 16, 2010 by
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