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How to Report a BugStarted: 11:56am, Jul 20, 2010 by admin
It's not a complex process, but there's some things you can do to make(...)
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Avatar BugStarted: 3:15pm, Jan 30, 2013 by deshie43
Just tried to change my avatar, it said my avatar was saved but now my(...)
3 postsLast Post: 9:52am, Wednesday May 22, 2013 by
thanks admin for giving me a beta code i registered an account and the(...)12
17 postsLast Post: 9:21pm, Tuesday June 12, 2012 by
Community doesnt workStarted: 9:59am, Dec 17, 2011 by tastaturpilot
maybe you all know this for a long time, but i was offline for a while(...)
2 postsLast Post: 11:26am, Saturday December 17, 2011 by
Chat is downStarted: 9:27pm, Aug 13, 2011 by Compgeke
Big bug.(...)1234
36 postsLast Post: 3:23pm, Wednesday October 26, 2011 by
Account confirmation troubleStarted: 4:22pm, Oct 23, 2011 by coolmike8789
The other day, I tried to log into AmoebaOS and a notification popped (...)
2 postsLast Post: 8:24am, Wednesday October 26, 2011 by
can't loginStarted: 1:15pm, Jun 7, 2011 by rcf
can't get past login(...)12
19 postsLast Post: 4:52pm, Sunday June 26, 2011 by
the dockStarted: 10:03pm, May 27, 2011 by tommylee0407
sometimes the dock does get a little messed up and glitches but it onl(...)
9 postsLast Post: 1:01pm, Sunday June 5, 2011 by
Chat BugsStarted: 11:05pm, Jun 4, 2011 by admin
List of chat bugs.(...)
1 postLast Post: 11:05pm, Saturday June 4, 2011 by
The To-Do ListStarted: 1:09pm, May 29, 2011 by admin
I want to get an official amoebaOS to-do list going, so we can track w(...)
2 postsLast Post: 11:07pm, Sunday May 29, 2011 by
The internet tester in the system preferences says my internet speed i(...)
2 postsLast Post: 4:34pm, Sunday May 15, 2011 by
No screen lockStarted: 4:58pm, May 11, 2011 by Muchos
The screen lock don't work for me. Is it usual ? Maybe I need wait a f(...)
2 postsLast Post: 5:29pm, Wednesday May 11, 2011 by
amoebaos not bootingStarted: 8:50pm, Apr 16, 2011 by scififan2715
It gets to "loading dock", and then says "there was an (...)
2 postsLast Post: 2:36am, Sunday April 17, 2011 by
Surf bugsStarted: 1:25pm, Mar 22, 2011 by Greencat5
ok i found 2 bugs in surf.1, when i click either the forward or back b(...)
4 postsLast Post: 2:55am, Tuesday April 12, 2011 by
Info Icon should be disabledStarted: 11:59am, Apr 11, 2011 by mohan.85in
Hi,It might be a small one just wanted to make a note of it. 1) I clic(...)
2 postsLast Post: 2:52am, Tuesday April 12, 2011 by
Download from url bug...Started: 4:31pm, Mar 22, 2011 by tonynoname
I was trying to download http://build.chromium.org/f/chromium/continuo(...)1234
31 postsLast Post: 3:20pm, Saturday April 9, 2011 by
There is no BTD3 game!Started: 11:59pm, Mar 21, 2011 by Compgeke
The image says it all.[imghttp://compgeke.sites.amoebaos.com/BTD3.png](...)
10 postsLast Post: 7:32pm, Monday April 4, 2011 by
Amoebaos can not handle windows 7...Started: 7:53pm, Mar 30, 2011 by tonynoname
I had so many things open in amoebaos that I noticed it was slowing do(...)
2 postsLast Post: 9:38pm, Thursday March 31, 2011 by
Opera Upload.phpStarted: 9:43pm, Mar 11, 2011 by tonynoname
I was testing amoebaos in different browsers and it went like this... (...)12
11 postsLast Post: 11:43pm, Wednesday March 23, 2011 by
Mail ErrorStarted: 6:46am, Mar 12, 2011 by daniowizja
Well, I am a new beta tester and When i click mail on the dock it give(...)
2 postsLast Post: 1:12pm, Saturday March 12, 2011 by
My SQL...Started: 7:30pm, Mar 6, 2011 by Compgeke
Odd error:(...)
3 postsLast Post: 10:04pm, Tuesday March 8, 2011 by
Internet Explorer BugStarted: 6:17pm, Feb 11, 2011 by shifat96
I have a problem. Whenever I access Amoeba OS by using Internet Explor(...)12
13 postsLast Post: 2:49pm, Saturday March 5, 2011 by
Website Error on both Firefox and IE!Started: 7:41pm, Feb 13, 2011 by Compgeke
I don't know if anyone else is having this problem but it appears that(...)12
17 postsLast Post: 2:49pm, Saturday March 5, 2011 by
ReviewStarted: 3:57am, Oct 17, 2010 by james0vince
After playing around with AmoebaOS I have seen that it has not revolut(...)1234567
70 postsLast Post: 2:48pm, Saturday March 5, 2011 by
Menubar bugStarted: 4:27pm, Feb 13, 2011 by willnoit
I just logged in and got this friendly welcome.Here's the URL of the s(...)1234
36 postsLast Post: 8:46pm, Thursday March 3, 2011 by
AHH HELP ME!!!Started: 4:39pm, Feb 13, 2011 by willnoit
EVERYTHING IS CRASHING!! All the icons on the dock are bouncing and t(...)1234
34 postsLast Post: 6:02pm, Thursday March 3, 2011 by
Error when loading Mail appStarted: 4:42pm, Mar 2, 2011 by gavcolton
When loading Mail I get the following error:The application encountere(...)
3 postsLast Post: 10:57pm, Wednesday March 2, 2011 by
Valentine BugStarted: 8:08pm, Feb 14, 2011 by shifat96
Hey I just realized that today is Vvalentines Day!So, here is what hap(...)12
15 postsLast Post: 11:01am, Saturday February 19, 2011 by
Signature tab in mail hates me!Started: 11:59pm, Feb 2, 2011 by Compgeke
While setting up my email account in Mail I followed through the steps(...)
7 postsLast Post: 3:35pm, Sunday February 13, 2011 by
TextEditor IssueStarted: 9:53pm, Feb 3, 2011 by rid
Im playing around with TextEditor to find out that keys such as home a(...)
5 postsLast Post: 6:31pm, Tuesday February 8, 2011 by
SVG Upload CrashStarted: 11:04am, Dec 29, 2010 by ihack
It's pretty simple. Whenever I try uploading an SGV image amoebaos cr(...)12345
41 postsLast Post: 7:29pm, Saturday January 22, 2011 by
Login bugs/DETAILSStarted: 7:11am, Dec 12, 2010 by Jordan333
I don't even have a beta code, but this is what im expiriencing at the(...)123456789
89 postsLast Post: 5:08pm, Thursday January 20, 2011 by
Sites are downStarted: 12:50pm, Jan 9, 2011 by funstuff234
The sites feature for amoebaOS are down. If you try to visit it you ge(...)
4 postsLast Post: 4:56pm, Sunday January 9, 2011 by
Minimizing windows?Started: 4:56pm, Dec 26, 2010 by tonynoname
The new chrome 72xxx builds have some special javascript engine, but i(...)12
14 postsLast Post: 12:51pm, Saturday January 1, 2011 by
No Service in IE 6Started: 12:03pm, Dec 6, 2010 by tastaturpilot
I had to reinstall Win XP last wekend. After finishing it I wanted to (...)123456
51 postsLast Post: 10:49pm, Tuesday December 28, 2010 by
Login issues with Mobile Safari on iPadStarted: 3:29pm, Dec 9, 2010 by scothoser
When trying to log in from Mobile Safari on an iPad, iPhone 4, or in t(...)
7 postsLast Post: 3:35pm, Sunday December 12, 2010 by
Developer Center Festival of Bug SquasheryStarted: 1:03pm, Nov 9, 2010 by admin
I liked the title, too.(...)1234567
61 postsLast Post: 4:59pm, Wednesday November 24, 2010 by
connect Community & DockStarted: 2:13pm, Nov 10, 2010 by tastaturpilot
I enjoyed Funstuff234 s Game Center very much- but too much games to t(...)123
28 postsLast Post: 8:55pm, Wednesday November 17, 2010 by
Crash upon login in Firefox 4 beta 7Started: 5:44pm, Nov 13, 2010 by ihack
For some reason or other, firefox 4 beta 7 crashes upon login to Amoeb(...)
5 postsLast Post: 2:27pm, Tuesday November 16, 2010 by
Fullscreen kills menubar!Started: 1:59pm, Nov 9, 2010 by tonynoname
I went into fullscreen in the gamecenter app, and when I came out of f(...)123
21 postsLast Post: 7:03pm, Monday November 15, 2010 by
Account will not loadStarted: 1:52pm, Nov 13, 2010 by funstuff234
For some reason i cannot log onto amoebaOS in chrome. When you login i(...)
7 postsLast Post: 5:55pm, Sunday November 14, 2010 by
Sugar on a StickStarted: 12:31pm, Nov 12, 2010 by tastaturpilot
I have virtualboxed the OS for children, called "Sugar on a Stick(...)
5 postsLast Post: 11:57am, Saturday November 13, 2010 by
General BugsStarted: 1:10am, Nov 11, 2010 by mnrtrq
discussion on general bugs(...)
4 postsLast Post: 10:50pm, Thursday November 11, 2010 by
Downloading errorStarted: 9:42pm, Oct 17, 2010 by tonynoname
Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried t(...)12345
44 postsLast Post: 8:43pm, Friday October 22, 2010 by
eval is evilStarted: 4:48pm, Oct 17, 2010 by funstuff234
Well I was making the calculator and when writing the function for the(...)12345
42 postsLast Post: 5:51pm, Thursday October 21, 2010 by
Hidden Full-Screen Apps Hang on ResizeStarted: 2:44am, Oct 20, 2010 by admin
Resizing the browser window when there are hidden full-screen apps (li(...)
6 postsLast Post: 6:43pm, Wednesday October 20, 2010 by
Dev Center / amoebaOS Eats My CodeStarted: 9:50am, Oct 13, 2010 by admin
Alright, I got bit by this bug last night and luckily was able to rest(...)12
11 postsLast Post: 10:07am, Friday October 15, 2010 by
Fatal Error on Line 233Started: 1:05am, Aug 18, 2010 by shadowslash
(Following the format that admin posted.)Bug Name: Larry (...)123456
59 postsLast Post: 3:12pm, Tuesday September 28, 2010 by
Critical Filesystem Error!!!Started: 2:42pm, Sep 20, 2010 by tonynoname
Oh noes! I spurred a critical error!I clicked files after starting the(...)12
14 postsLast Post: 10:47pm, Wednesday September 22, 2010 by
Files bugStarted: 12:06am, Sep 18, 2010 by tonynoname
When I clicked my sites folder, I got error 0, and another popdown err(...)
4 postsLast Post: 1:55pm, Sunday September 19, 2010 by
resizing bugStarted: 5:19pm, Sep 5, 2010 by tastaturpilot
If you resize your screen, using CTRL + Scrollwheel (Chrome) some line(...)
10 postsLast Post: 11:17pm, Monday September 6, 2010 by
zip filesStarted: 2:10pm, Aug 22, 2010 by deshie43
I was thinking of a way to get around uploading the files manually to (...)
3 postsLast Post: 4:08am, Monday August 23, 2010 by
Can't Find FolderStarted: 3:28am, Aug 19, 2010 by shadowslash
Bug Name:ChelseaBugged Application:I think FIles is the cause of that.(...)12
11 postsLast Post: 12:45am, Sunday August 22, 2010 by
this.parentApplication.DisplaySearchStarted: 3:43am, Aug 19, 2010 by shadowslash
Bug Name:- RobertBug App:- ExstreamBug Steps:- I just clicked on the S(...)
7 postsLast Post: 11:30pm, Saturday August 21, 2010 by
Black BarStarted: 7:46pm, Aug 12, 2010 by willnoit
There is a black bar at the bottom of Amoebaos. It isn't really bad, (...)123
25 postsLast Post: 3:41pm, Saturday August 14, 2010 by
Theme not savingStarted: 1:00pm, Aug 12, 2010 by deshie43
If you change the theme of amoebaos to something else the theme won't (...)12345
42 postsLast Post: 10:10pm, Friday August 13, 2010 by
More uploading nightmares!Started: 11:38am, Aug 10, 2010 by tonynoname
I tried to upload a video, and it finished, but the amoebaos uploading(...)1234
32 postsLast Post: 10:06pm, Friday August 13, 2010 by
Mail BugStarted: 7:28pm, Aug 12, 2010 by willnoit
I've heard that Mail isn't really all that powerful yet, but I figured(...)123
21 postsLast Post: 12:39am, Friday August 13, 2010 by
Notes won't runStarted: 11:29pm, Aug 9, 2010 by willnoit
Notes won't start. The wise Ambulance tells me that there was an erro(...)
3 postsLast Post: 12:21pm, Tuesday August 10, 2010 by
FileDropStarted: 10:59pm, Aug 9, 2010 by willnoit
I made a text file in Windows that I was going to upload. I opened th(...)
2 postsLast Post: 12:20pm, Tuesday August 10, 2010 by
Surf page sticks to dock.Started: 8:29pm, Aug 8, 2010 by willnoit
I was trying out Surf, and when I closed it, this little extra icon ap(...)
6 postsLast Post: 12:16pm, Tuesday August 10, 2010 by
SmallerStarted: 8:22pm, Aug 8, 2010 by willnoit
I don't know if this is even a bug or not, but when I first logged in,(...)
6 postsLast Post: 12:16pm, Tuesday August 10, 2010 by
Uploading NightmareStarted: 11:37am, Aug 4, 2010 by tonynoname
I had a song I named "a". Then I tried to upload another one(...)123
25 postsLast Post: 8:19pm, Monday August 9, 2010 by
Amoeba logo is missing.Started: 8:32pm, Aug 8, 2010 by willnoit
The logo next to the menubar is missing. You probably already knew an(...)
2 postsLast Post: 8:50pm, Sunday August 8, 2010 by
exstream firefox bugStarted: 7:28pm, Aug 4, 2010 by jadon94
Firefox 3.6.8 - yeschrome 5.0.375.125 - nowin7 pro 64-bitopen exstream(...)
2 postsLast Post: 9:27pm, Wednesday August 4, 2010 by
Forum barStarted: 8:11pm, Aug 3, 2010 by funstuff234
In the forum, for some reason sometimes when i'm browsing the black ba(...)
7 postsLast Post: 12:28pm, Wednesday August 4, 2010 by
Apps WallStarted: 12:39pm, Aug 3, 2010 by tonynoname
I clicked about 50 or so apps to see how my taskbar would organize, an(...)12
11 postsLast Post: 10:05pm, Tuesday August 3, 2010 by
MSG appStarted: 12:19am, Jul 31, 2010 by tonynoname
As you can see it gives out errors like candy. It happens when you cli(...)
5 postsLast Post: 8:01pm, Tuesday August 3, 2010 by
System PreferencesStarted: 3:50pm, Jul 28, 2010 by marc
Dock - If icon magnified size is less than the icon normal size, it do(...)123
24 postsLast Post: 1:05pm, Sunday August 1, 2010 by
Some work for developers....Started: 1:41pm, Jul 28, 2010 by tastaturpilot
Here are some things I found:#1: System Prferences -> Clock : A gre(...)
6 postsLast Post: 3:52pm, Friday July 30, 2010 by
MailStarted: 3:29pm, Jul 28, 2010 by marc
Have pointed my mail client at my yahoo account (~6,000 mails):Setup a(...)12
13 postsLast Post: 8:25pm, Thursday July 29, 2010 by
Random boot bugStarted: 1:10pm, Jul 29, 2010 by tonynoname
That's what I got when trying to start the amoebaOS. When I restarted (...)
4 postsLast Post: 1:26pm, Thursday July 29, 2010 by
SurfStarted: 7:42am, Jul 25, 2010 by deshie43
Back button and foreword button on Surf doesn't work(...)
2 postsLast Post: 4:21pm, Sunday July 25, 2010 by
Surf bugStarted: 12:00am, Jul 22, 2010 by tonynoname
when you use surf, the title always says null. you can see an example (...)
2 postsLast Post: 1:53pm, Thursday July 22, 2010 by
Context menue not workingStarted: 11:04am, Jul 21, 2010 by uhlo
Name of the bugContext menue not workingProgram that cause it:FilesSte(...)
4 postsLast Post: 12:38pm, Wednesday July 21, 2010 by
Status UpdatesStarted: 12:08pm, Jul 20, 2010 by laura
Fixes, progress, and acknowledgement of various bugs in the beta versi(...)
8 postsLast Post: 8:15pm, Tuesday July 20, 2010 by
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