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amoebaOS HTTPS Will be Down TemporarilyStarted: 8:29pm, Dec 22, 2010 by admin
The SSL cert for amoebaos.com needs to be renewed, and the process wil(...)123
24 postsLast Post: 4:34pm, Saturday October 3, 2015 by
amoebaOS MVC Views Now Support XML and JSONStarted: 8:41pm, Jun 12, 2011 by admin
The new version of MVC.js supports adds support for both XML and JSON (...)
3 postsLast Post: 5:21pm, Friday June 24, 2011 by
What IS chat.a-os.org?Started: 12:43am, Jun 1, 2011 by admin
I'm surprised no topic exists for this yet - but I wanted to hash out (...)
4 postsLast Post: 1:02pm, Sunday June 5, 2011 by
Mobile siteStarted: 6:07pm, May 13, 2011 by trainhappy
I think it would be nice to be able to use a mobile site. I have knola(...)12
11 postsLast Post: 8:54pm, Tuesday May 17, 2011 by
Learning amoebaOS DevelopmentStarted: 5:17pm, Nov 21, 2010 by admin
Some helpful resources to get you started developing for amoebaOS.(...)123
28 postsLast Post: 3:23pm, Saturday April 9, 2011 by
Introduction ControlsStarted: 7:33pm, Apr 5, 2011 by admin
You can specify a size when you create a toolbar: Code:new app.Control(...)
2 postsLast Post: 6:56pm, Friday April 8, 2011 by
The MVC FrameworkStarted: 7:27pm, Apr 5, 2011 by admin
It's using the MVC (Model-View-Controller) framework. All of the displ(...)
1 postLast Post: 7:27pm, Tuesday April 5, 2011 by
Subclassing ControlsStarted: 7:41pm, Oct 26, 2010 by admin
It's possible, just a bit ugly.(...)
9 postsLast Post: 8:29pm, Saturday November 20, 2010 by
include() Now Works for All File TypesStarted: 4:28pm, Oct 29, 2010 by admin
I've modified the behavior of the include() function so that you can i(...)
1 postLast Post: 4:28pm, Friday October 29, 2010 by
Announcing JSONP.netStarted: 6:46pm, Oct 26, 2010 by admin
Yep, it's coming. It's a public JSONp proxy for anything. Any domain, (...)12
11 postsLast Post: 9:05pm, Wednesday October 27, 2010 by
It's like the browser's native prompt() function, with a lot more opti(...)
2 postsLast Post: 7:58pm, Tuesday October 26, 2010 by
Making HTTP RequestsStarted: 9:33pm, Oct 19, 2010 by admin
Request data using the HTTP protocol. (...)
3 postsLast Post: 8:47am, Wednesday October 20, 2010 by
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